Cas Widdershoven’ s homepage


  • email: cas.widdershoven###ios**ac*cn

About me

  • I am a postdoctoral researcher at ISCAS. Together with Lijun Zhang I study trustworthy AI, in particular in the context of self-driving cars.
  • ┬áMy research interests lie in verification and formal methods. My PhD was on verification and automata theory, and I aim to use verification practices to create trustworthy AI systems.


  • 2017-2022 Oxford university: PhD in computer science, Unambiguous and finitely ambiguous automata
  • 2016-2017 Oxford university: MSc in Mathematics and Foundations Of Computer Science
  • 2013-2016 Utrecht university: BSc in Mathematics
  • 2013-2016 Utrecht university: BSc in Computer Science


  • Image-Binary Automata, Kiefer, S. and Widdershoven, C. in DCFS 2021
  • Linear-Time Model Checking Branching Processes, Kiefer, S., Semukhin, P., and Widdershoven, C. in CONCUR 2021
  • Efficient Analysis of Unambiguous Automata using Matrix Semigroup Techniques, Kiefer, S. and Widdershoven, C. in MFCS 2019