Xie Li (李勰)’s Homepage


  • Institute: Institute of Software, CAS
  • Apartment: State Key Lab. of Computer Science(SKLCS)
  • Email: lixie19###ios**ac*cn

About me

I am a master student at SKLCS, ISCAS

Research Interests

  • Program verification and analysis
  • Loop invariant synthesis and ranking function synthesis
  • Memory safety analysis


  • Xie Li, Taolue Chen, Zhilin Wu, Mingji Xia: Computing Linear Arithmetic Representation of Reachability Relation of One-Counter Automata. SETTA 2020: 89-107 (Best paper)
  • Xie Li, Yi Li, Yong Li, Xuechao Sun, Andrea Turrini, Lijun Zhang: SVMRanker: a general termination analysis framework of loop programs via SVM. ESEC/SIGSOFT FSE 2020: 1635-1639


  • [SVMRanker]: A Tool for Ranking Function Synthesis based on Support Vector Machine.
  • [SESL]: A Symbolic Executor based on Array Separation Logic.


Event Role
SV-COMP 2022 Jury Member
TACAS 2021 Subreviewer