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Research interests

My main research interests concern the formal analysis of processes involving probability and nondeterminism. In particular current research topics are about the formal analysis of properties of the Segala’s Probabilistic Automata model; its comparison with other probabilistic models;  the development of conservative extensions of such model, like cost/reward decorated probabilistic automata. This permits to formally define and study properties of real systems using an uniform approach.

I am also interested in the study of cryptographic protocols; in particular I am workin on the development of a framework based on probabilistic automata which can provide a rigorous mathematical background that formally justifies the correctness of the analysis as well as the management of nondeterminism in order to avoid undesirable behaviors induced by the resolution of nondeterminism.
Probability is a key ingredient in the definition of security of cryptographic primitives while nondeterminism arises from the interaction of several parties involved in a protocol specification as well as from the adversary that tries to attack the protocol.

Besides these two topics, I am also interested in the analysis of quantum systems with respect to branching time and linear time properties.
I also work in the practical aspects of termination of programs. The termination analysis can make use of Büchi automata and several operations on them, on which I also focus my research to improve their practical applicability in program analysis.

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Teaching activities

  • WS17: Instructior in the Course on Symbolic verification
  • SS13: Assistant in the Data Network course by Prof. Verena Wolf
  • SS12: Instructor in the Concurrent and Mobile Languages course for Master and Bachelor students in Computer Science.
  • WS11/12: Instructor in the Probabilistic Concurrency Models doctoral privatissimum jointly with Prof. Dr.-Ing Holger Hermanns
  • Sept.04/Mar.08: Assistant in courses on Algorithms and Data Structure, Operating Systems, and Compilers at the Department of Computer Science, University of Verona