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 The complete code is the class roll.main.Executor. The complete code is the class roll.main.Executor.
-====== Set up ROLL in Eclipse ====== 
-This tutorial has been tested on the following distributions:​ 
-  * Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, 64-bits 
-=====  Prerequisites ===== 
-  *  Java Development Kit (only tested with JDK 8.0) 
-  *  [[https://​​oxygen/​|Eclipse Oxygen]] 
-  *  Javacc plugin in Eclipse 
-  *  Maven Integration for Eclipse 
-  *  [[https://​|SPOT]] (only if you want to run some JUnit tests via autfilt in SPOT) 
-===== Set up ROLL in Eclipse ===== 
-1. Use following command to clone the repository to your local file system. 
-    git clone https://​​ISCAS-PMC/​roll-library 
-2. Import roll-library as Maven Existing Projects. 
-You may have life cycle problem with Javacc in pom.xml but this can be fixed by the operations suggested by Eclipse. Then you should be able to run ROLL as a java application by choosing roll.main.ROLL as the main class. 
 ===== Acknowledgement ===== ===== Acknowledgement =====
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